ADD. PhD Program in Architecture & Design

ADD. PhD Program in Architecture & Design 
ADD. PhD Program in Architecture & Design   

a cura di Raffaella Fagnoni, Giovanni Galli e Manuel Gausa Navarro   
dicembre 2019   
collana ADDDOC Documents - Quaderni di Dottorato    
linea editoriale Ricerca   
area tematica Tecnologica    
area disciplinare Ingegneria Civilie ed Architettura  
212 pagine  
ISBN 978-88-94943-90-0 | € 22,00  
e-ISBN (pdf) 978-88-94943-91-7 | open access  

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The Addocs Documents collection gathers the contributions of the Doctorate of Research in Architecture and Design of the University of Genoa.   

ADD is the acronym for the PhD Program and virtual Research Laboratory of the dAD-UNIGE, a catalyst of scientific experiences and prospective, experiences associated to the disciplines of the space and products, as well as their relationship with current procedural transformations. Under the fields of Architecture and Design its structure meets three curricula –Architecture, Design, Naval/Nautical Design– with the aim of addressing, in an interdisciplinary and multi-scalar dimension, the new phenomena of change – social, cultural, environmental, spatial and material – that influence today’s project and productive activity understood as a process, its cognitive and operational tools (and systems) and their relationship with the society of Information and Knowledge.

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