Between barriers and inclusion

Between barriers and inclusion
Multidisciplinary reflections on gender and disability

a cura di Cristina Càndito, Isabel Fanlo Cortés, Nuccia Gianelli, Luciana Guaglianone, Cinzia Leone, Paola Parolari, Susanna Pozzolo, Laura Scudieri
dicembre 2022
Fuori collana
serie: RICERCA
area tematica: Scienze Sociali
ISBN: 978-88-3618-196-4 (versione e-book)
257 pagine
open access (versione e-book)

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This book offers a complex and multifaceted understanding of disability by recounting and reflecting the experiences gained within the European project RISEWISE: Women with disabilities In Social Engagement, Horizon 2020, MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE RESEARCH AND INNOVATION STAFF EXCHANGE (RISE) 2015.
By collecting a multidisciplinary set of contributions, many of which are conceived and developed adopting a gender perspective, it shows how the goal of full citizenship is still a challenge for many disabled people, especially women. At the same time, however, it aims to propose new reflections, methods and spaces for the inclusion of these people, starting from the recognition that disability is not a destiny, but rather the product of the interaction between personal impairments and contextual (i.e. social) conditions.


University of Genoa: Cristina Càndito, Isabel Fanlo Cortés, Nuccia Gianelli, Cinzia Leone, Laura Scudieri.

University of Brescia: Luciana Guaglianone, Paola Parolari, Susanna Pozzolo.