IDEA. Investigating Design in Architecture - 2023

IDEA. Investigating Design in Architecture    
Investigating Design in Architecture        
2023 edition        

a cura di Gaia Leandri        
prefazione di Angelo Schenone        
aprile 2023        
collana Full Papers        
linea editoriale Ricerca        
area tematica Tecnologica, Biologico-Medica         
area disciplinare Ingegneria Civile ed Architettura  
243 pagine   
e-ISBN (pdf) 978-88-3618-215-2 | open access         

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The first IDEA symposium created the opportunity to compare hypotheses, procedures and proposals to evaluate and understand the potentiality in creativity, visuality and perception. This volume highlights the interest in these aspects and the subdivision into the three macro areas: Body, Mind and Emotions; Technology and Human Perception; Modelling and Living Spaces, shows that the research path is full of possible insights and new interpretations of only apparently consolidated and acquired topics.

Curato da

Gaia Leandri has a double international Ph.D. in Architecture and Neuroscience at the Universitat Politècnica de València and Università degli studi di Genova. She is a postdoc fellow at the Department of Architecture and Design at the Università degli Studi di Genova. Her research focuses on neurophysiological determinants of creativity, methods of architectural design, medieval architectural history.

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