Through Resili(g)ence

Through Resili(g)ence  

Through Resili(g)ence  
Nuove sfide sociali e ambientali  

a cura di Manuel Gausa  
ottobre 2021  
collana ADDDOC Logos - Monografie di Dottorato  
serie RICERCA  
area tematica Tecnologica   
262 pagine 
ISBN 978-88-3618-064-6 | € 30,00 
e-ISBN (pdf) 978-88-3618-065-3 | open access 

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Contemporary complexity requires new tools: the old approaches based on a “defensive control” and a corrective contingency responses, are replaced by new “synergy policies” addressed through preventive proactive, adaptable and reversible actions, which combine ancient “scenarios of emergency” (risk areas) with new “emergency scenarios” (areas of opportunity). The new resili(g)ent responses must work in a hybrid field: on one hand, prevention and mitigation of conflicts and risks through the interconnection and registry of systematized data (simulated or real-time), on other hand programming new kind of eco-planning and strategic interventions, referred to urban patterns and global territorial systems.

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