Iconographic catalogue of the Cactaceae cultivated at the Hanbury Botanical Gardens

Iconographic catalogue of the Cactaceae 
Iconographic catalogue of the Cactaceae cultivated at the Hanbury Botanical Gardens   
La Mortola (IM), Liguria, Nw Italy   

di Alessandro Guiggi   
maggio 2016    
collana Botanica   
serie RICERCA   
area tematica Biologico-Medica, Scientifica   
250 pagine  
ISBN 978-88-97752-65-3 | € 15,00  

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The present annotated catalogue is the first scientific research published on the Cactaceae of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens after Alwin Berger, curator at La Mortola (1897-1914) and one of the most renowned succulent specialists of the beginning of the 20Th century. An introduction to new thematic collections and a well documented revisional study, with three new genera and seven new combinations contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the Hanbury collection of succulents and the gardens themselves. 60 genera and 169 species here illustrated increase the role of the Hanbury collection as one of the most important collectionsof sothern Europe

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Alessandro Guiggi is a botanist specializing in the cactus family, explorer of the American deserts and editor of a personal bulletin, Cactology. He has collaborated with important scientific institutions including the Huntington Botanical Gardens, University of Mexico City (UNAM), and Jardin Exotique of Monaco. He is currently a PhD researcher of the Genoa University at the Hanbury Botanical Gardens with a project on the succulents plants.

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