International Conference on URBAN-CEQ

International Conference on Urban Comfort  and Environmental Quality  URBAN-CEQ  

International Conference on Urban Comfort and Environmental Quality - URBAN-CEQ  
28-29 September 2017 - University of Genoa, Italy  

a cura di Massimiliano Burlando, Maria Canepa, Adriano Magliocco, Katia Perini, Maria Pia Repetto  
settembre 2017  
serie: RICERCA  
area tematica: Tecnologica   
ISBN: 978-88-97752-91-2 (versione e-book)  
199 pagine  
open access (versione e-book)  

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Urban-CEQ international conference focuses on the evaluation of environmental quality of urban areas, considering a wide range of environmental problems, such as thermal comfort and air quality, and their effects on citizen life conditions and health. The event aims to be a meeting between specialists of fluid dynamics, designers and managers of urban areas in order to identify areas of frontier research, the sharing of useful targets for the improvement of urban environmental quality. More than two thirds of European citizens live in cities, where many environmental problems are concentrated, such as lack of thermal comfort and poor air quality, which seems to be also responsible for life-threatening conditions. It is more and more necessary that the urban regeneration strategies are linked to objectives of environmental quality improvement.



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