Creative Food Cycles Experience

Creative Food Cycles Experience
Goa CFC-festinar: a virtual banquet for an innovating research celebration

a cura di Silvia Pericu, Manuel Gausa, Alessia Ronco Milanaccio, Giorgia Tucci
febbraio 2021
collana: ADDDOC Logos - Monografie di Dottorato
area tematica: Tecnologica 
ISBN: 978-88-3618-066-0 (versione e-book)
516 pagine
open access (versione e-book)

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CFC (Creative Food Cycles) covers different scales and levels of action (and a socio-cultural activism) from production to distribution, from distribution to consumption, from consumption to disposition (and reproduction) trying to promote a strategic integration, innovative and fresh at the same time, from the territorial and urban scale to the scale of the creative-social celebrating event or creative-design product, in which the factor “food” as a productive indicator takes on a priority meaning as an inducing agent of new sustainable and innovative processes at the same time.